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Adding to Existing Kitchen Cabinets

Sometimes a few more kitchen cabinets is all you need. Maybe you’re buying a new stove that’s smaller than the current one and need to fill the extra space. Or maybe you need a cabinet with a countertop next to the refrigerator, or adding that kitchen island you’ve always wanted. When adding cabinets, there are a few things to consider:

Do you have "built on-site" Custom Cabinets?

Looking into the cabinet, does the wall of your kitchen serve as the back of the cabinet? If so, your kitchen cabinets were built onsite. Another clue is continuous cabinet frames that run the length of a cabinet set, and/or cabinet interiors that are open rather than separated behind the front-face frames. Factory made modular cabinets will have boxes butted together, creating side walls that separate the interior spaces. For cabinets built onsite, it’s best to hire a local custom cabinet maker to build additional cabinets. An experienced cabinet shop will match not only the existing style and finish, but also the box frame sizes, drawer openings, box heights and toe kick (the small space at your feet where the box on the base cabinet is indented).

Or are the existing Kitchen Cabinets Factory made Modular Units? 

If you want an exact match, identify the manufacturer if possible. Sometimes you can find the company’s label inside the cabinets, often on the drawer box or hinges. If not, remove a door and show it to a local cabinet dealer to see if they can determine who the manufacturer is and whether the cabinet is still in production. If the cabinet door style is available, but not the finish, ask if it is possible to order the cabinet unfinished. To finish and match the cabinets properly, hire a qualified professional. If you cannot find the exact cabinets, you can hire a local cabinetmaker to build your new cabinets to match the existing ones.

Will the new Cabinets be installed in a separate area, such as a Buffet or Kitchen Island? 

If so, a perfect match is not necessary, since they will be separate from the existing cabinets. In this situation, personal taste and budget are the main factors. You might decide to strike out in a different direction. Consider using different materials, finishes, and/or door designs to add dimension and style to your kitchen.

How do you plan to match your existing Kitchen Countertops?

If your new cabinets are going to be located in a separate area, such as an island or a china hutch, your options are more flexible, since the counters do not necessarily have to be finished with the same material. If you’re attaching the new cabinets to an existing set, you’ll need to replace the older kitchen countertops, since it is virtually impossible to add onto existing ones. If your kitchen has other cabinetry with counters, you’ll need to consider how to match the new ones. Due to changes in styles and materials, the older the countertop, the less likely you are to find the same material. Replacing all of the kitchen countertops might be necessary if you want all of them to match.


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