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Adding Kitchen Cabinet Inserts

Kitchen cabinet inserts and accessories are a practical, cost-effective way to revitalize your existing cabinetry and organize your storage space. Whether your cabinets are standard-size factory made cabinets or built on site, kitchen cabinet inserts and organizers are available in such a broad range ofsizes and designs, finding inserts to suit your storage needs should not be a problem. And while less expensive kitchen cabinet inserts and accessories are available at discount retail stores, professional-quality kitchen inserts can be purchased at most hardware stores and cabinet retailers.

Since many kitchen cabinet inserts and accessories are made to custom sizes and are difficult to alter, careful attention needs to be paid to measuring the cabinet's opening and interior space. Additionally, many cabinet inserts cannot be customized. Some only allow for slight adjustments, while others cannot be altered at all.

Blind Corner Cabinets and the Half Lazy Susan

Typically, a half Lazy Susan cabinet insert is chosen to augment older kitchen cabinets with a "blind corner"- i.e., a corner that is difficult to use because an adjoining cabinet blocks full access to the back of it, creating dead space. A half Lazy Susan is a semi-circular tray or trays that rotates out of the cabinet, pivoting around the corner frame and allowing easier access to the back corner. This turns a hard-to-use space into accessible storage. These kitchen cabinet inserts are typically available in white or brown plastic, laminates and wood, and can take the form of a single tray, or come in a pair of trays with adjustable heights. They may be attached to the cabinet door, or rotate independently.

Trash and Recycling Inserts

Trash and recycling kitchen cabinet inserts are popular ways to save floor space, collect recycling, and keep pets out of the trash. They come in two basic configurations: a bin mounted on the inside of the cabinet door, and a slide-out tray designed to fit single, double, or multiple bins. Cabinet door bins are usually smaller and can fit in almost any size cabinet. Slide-out units are made to fit a standard 24” deep cabinet and can accommodate larger bins.

Kitchen Cabinet Spice Storage

Several accessories enable direct access to spices without having to spin a turntable or forage through disorganized containers and bottles. Cabinet door-mounted spice shelves attach to the inside of the cabinet door and are made of wire frame, plastic, or wood. Angled shelves that fit inside drawers are another option. These professional-grade cabinet inserts are designed for drawers in standard 24” deep kitchen cabinets and are constructed of wood or a trimmable plastic.

Kitchen Cabinet Inserts for Drawers

A number of other practical kitchen cabinet inserts made for drawers are available. These include:
-Wooden knife blocks that are designed to be trimmed to size and dropped into the drawer- ideal for kitchens with limited counter space.
-Plastic flatware dividers that can be trimmed to fit the drawer and are available in different organizational designs. While plastic designs are the most flexible, these dividers are also available in wood and metal.
-Pull-out bread boards that can be either placed in an existing slot at the top of the base cabinet frame or installed in a cabinet drawer.

Roll-Out Trays

Roll-out trays (also called “slide-out” or “pull-out” trays), are sliding shelves installed in either base or tall cabinets. Although some space is lost to the drawer box and hardware, a previously hard-to-reach space gains so much more accessibility that the benefit usually outweighs the loss. Roll-out trays are made from a variety of materials ranging from melamine-covered furniture board with stapled sides to high-quality solid-wood dovetail drawers.

IMPORTANT: Careful measurements of the kitchen cabinet opening and depth are essential for a proper fit, for both standard-size and custom-made roll-out trays.


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